Graha or planet

Behind the planets that we use in astrology stands energy. Planets are not just physical bodies that are shaped in the form of oval balls, they have their energy frequency and they emit energy. In fact, the word “graha” used in Sanskrit to describe the planet, the satellite or the star we use in astrology, means “the one that causes the eclipse”. This means that the planets of the solar system capture the energy that comes from the other stars in the universe, in the symbolic sense they cause the “eclipse” of these same energies and filter them and transmit them to the Earth. Grahas are mediators between the universe and us.
Each graha is represented with Deity that manages the energies of these grahas-planets.
There are living beings on each planet and their bodies are adapted to life on these planets. Today’s science can not accept it, as it is considered that life is only possible on our Earth planet and planets that have similar conditions as our Earth. Vedic science teach that life is possible in many forms and there are creatures that have a body adapted to living conditions on other planets. There are creatures living on the sun and have a body made exclusively of the element of fire, for example. The universe is full of life and using elements that represent the energy of grahas we balance the energy of life that is everywhere around us.
Colors, crystals or precious stones, certain days or moments during the day (which are under the reign of certain grahas), mantras (sound vibrations), activities, and even food represent the energy of grahas.
So by using elements that represent certain grahas we can balance the graha energy, maybe I may say so that we can comfort or appease the deity that represents the energy of the graha. In this way, jyotish can help that the energies which we identify in the natal chart become satisfied and balanced.




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