Astrology – ancient knowledge about stars

This knowledge is an extremely interesting concept of predestination versus freedom of choice, a concept that is intriguing and controversial. Astrology takes into account both sides of the coin and reveals to us the reality and the opportunities that we can choose by our own free will. With the help of astrological knowledge we get the understanding of potential of the moment. That knowledge can help whether in moments of important life decisions, or in moments of merely informing about the potential that we have.

On this site you will find means and methods by which astrology can help and provide answers to the questions you’re looking for. Without excessive theorizing we offer answers to every sphere of life and from every point of view. Inform yourself about what astrology can do for you (links above). Contact astrologer and ask questions about details that interest you. For all astrological analysis we use only the system of so called “Vedic astrology” or jyotisha.

Our wish is to contribute to the quality of your life and to give you the opportunity to make the most of the potential of your life to the full extent. With their knowledge, professional and personal ethics, we will do our best to provide answers and interpretations of all your inquiries and interests.

Potential of astrology is enormous. Proficient astrologer can know every, even the smallest detail of a person’s life. Take advantage of this opportunity… Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will open…

“Fate and free will are equally powerful forces. Yet I consider free will more important, because our conscious choices that create our fate.” – Veda Vyasa

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