Karmic Horoscope

Karmic Horoscope

The knowledge of Vedic Astrology tells us how all our actions (activities of any kind, all wishes, desires, ideas etc.) cause appropriate reactions. That concept is generally known under the simple term „karma“. Horoscope is an indicator of karma, or reactions which are caused by past actions. Planets are not causes of the circumstances, they are just the indicators. This in fact means that we are „the tailors of our own destiny“, or that we determine our destiny by ourselves. Karmic horoscope gives us possibility to get the insight about the auspicious options of the future by knowing the causes. Based on the causes, we can understand events in the future. In this kind of horoscope, we analyze causes and find out about the pathways ahead which can bring us fulfillment of our true nature.

„Karma“ is the way in which we are predisposed by our previous deeds. If we perform our activities properly, we can achieve a balanced life full of abundance and happiness. In this way, karmic horoscope gives us understanding of causes and facts that represent a burden from the past or a „tail“ that we drag after ourselves, which shackles and slows us down. Then we get an insight about the right way to take in order to get rid of that burden and these „tails“ from the past. The freedom of choice that we have always enables us prosperity and proper actions, regardless of the circumstances and predispositions. This is the option that karmic horoscope is giving us: to skip the learning by difficult lessons and focus ourselves into the right direction. That way is natural and inbred to everyone, that way contents and fullfils the person. Everyone can feel or can have a „hunch“ about it; but because of our attachments („tails“ or „debts“), it is sometimes difficult to recognize and understand that.

Thus in this kind of analysis we get the answers in which way, by our positive actions, we can make a step forward on our way of spiritual and material evolution. Here, also, we analyze the aspect of spirituality, which is by the understanding of Vedas, superior than the path of materialism. In this way we get the answers about which kind of spiritual practice can give us results and how in this life we can get the help of a „superior power“ in all areas of life. This is why we can also call this horoscope a „spiritual“ horoscope.

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