Natal Chart Analysis

Natal Chart Analysis

The term „natal chart“ refers to a recording of exact position of planets in the sky in the moment when a person was born. That moment represents the beginning of a person’s life and it is considered to be a „seed“, or an indicator of a potential energy that this person brings into a new, just started life. This is why it is necessary to have exact time (hour and minute) and a place of birth. In a natal chart there is a recording of everything, all information and details from the start to the end of life, even details about what preceded a birth, and what will follow after death. Natal chart analysis consists of detailed interpretation of all planets and other important points in a horoscope, explanation of all aspects of life and person’s character (e.g. partnerships / love, happiness, work / career, health, finances etc.). Along with interpretation, advice is also given about how to balance energies that are in possible dis-balance.

Through the planets position we can see positive and negative traits, and also tendencies for good and bad habits. It can also be seen how to decrease negative and increase positive sides. Analysis done this way means that astrologer personally interprets every single position, takes the chart as a whole and doesn’t except any part or a detail from his sight. Such reading is entirely unique and applicable only for that particular person and this is a completely personal horoscope. In this way, analysis gives objective insight into possibilities of improving one’s life and use the good that the person was given. Analysis will identify weak points of personality, and also the good ones, which can be pointed out in an appropriate way.

All that is in our power and was given to us for our usage and access. Beside that, natal chart analysis gives us insights into characteristics of current time period and periods in the future (up to next ten years). This includes analysis of current transits and planetary periods which are used in Vedic astrology. In this way we get the knowledge about current, ongoing trends and the ones that will happen in the future. This is only applicable for the person whose chart we interpret, it is completely personal and unique outline of one’s life. You can get natal chart analyis in an audio recording form by e-mail. Information required for anylsis is: first and last name; date, hour and minute of birth, and place of birth.

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