Partner Compatibility Analysis

Partner Compatibility Analysis

A relationship which is based on mutual contentment, understanding and love; and if we talk about business then we consider a business success as well; is something that we all aim for. But, to achieve a harmony is not always easy. Astrology can help in that. To know what are the partner’s needs, what are his true traits and what our partner expects from a relationship or a partnership, gives base of understanding on which we can build a relationship full of respect, love, and cooperation. Partner compatibility analysis gives us many answers. It can serve as a „mirror“ of our relationship in which at every moment we can see a true picture, even when we are limited by subjective circumstances and facts. The meaning of compatibility analysis is not merely a fulfillment of curiosity, but it gives to both partners possibility of deeper and more objective understanding of personality, habits and conditioning of a partner to whom we have given or will be given a vow of sharing good and bad in our life.

We can use such an abstract science like astrology in a very economical and practical way. This is a gift given to us. Taking into consideration traits of both partners separately and individually, we can determine a long-term potential and effect of merging these two individuals. This kind of analysis is especially useful in a love partnership, in a marriage, but also in a business partnership. „To investigate a situation“ before making important decision can never be in vain. To know the possibilities and directions in which cooperation can move on and what we can expect in a long term is for sure a good investment. Each of us brings strengths and weaknesses, pluses and minuses.

This is a fact which represents less important topic for us at a moment. What is important is what the person will do, now and here, in order to balance his own pluses and minuses to the maximum extent. What is required to do that from the „offered material“ we can extract the maximum? If you want to take a closer look what one compatibility anyasis can contain (short example of partner compatibility analysis), please follow the link: Example of a Partner Compatibility Analysis. In order to make a compatibility analysis it is required to know information about both partners: date, hour and minute of birth, and a place of birth. If any of these information is unknown, „rough“ analysis can be done, which can give us certain limited answers.

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