Analysis of time periods – Muhurta

Analysis of time periods – Muhurta

A life of a person beggins with a birth. That special moment is taken as a moment by which we can decipher the course of the entire life of a person. Positions of planets and other celestial bodies in a moment of birth describes complete life of a person. Skilled astrologers can see all tiny details, causes and effects of our deeds in a present, past and the future. That moment of life’s beginning is so important, that we take it as a „seed“ that holds a potential of the whole life. In a similar way, every activity, project, plan or anything what we want to achieve has a moment of its start. That moment of beginning an important project or something similar to that, we can use as a moment of a project’s birth and make a natal chart, knowing right away its future and success. Analysis of time periods, among the other things, includes determination of quality of a certain time period.

Astrology can determine qualities of a certain period and predict how the present conditions will develop in a future. This kind of tool enables us predicting how successful any project will be. If we know the qualities of a certain moment or a time period, we will know the outcome of everything that started at that moment. That’s why astrology recommends that before beginning any important project or plan in life, we seek the astrologer’s advice, who can recommend auspicious moment for starting a project, which will ensure good project’s success. For projects that have already started we can decipher their „destiny“ (with the assumption that we know the exact time of project’s start). This analysis is very useful and practical in every aspect of life. Nowadays, we have a chance to make decisions very often, but without being sure that our decison will give an auspicious outcome.

If it is about bigger projects in life, the outcome can change the course of the whole life and have tremendous role in one’s life. Regardless if this is about business ventures, investments or taking a loan, education, starting a new partnership (marriage or business) or taking a business trip, it is always useful to use this tool and help yourself with it. From this point of view, partnerships are very interesting. By astrological tools, we can decipher how much will certain partnership be successful. We can predict details like longevity, vitality, harmony and power of attraction in a relationship, or a power of union that exists in a partnership in a certain moment.

We can also decipher if throught the future partnership there is any debt from the past which needs to be paid off, or these are just good merits from the past that we can enjoy (this is what concept of karma is talking about). That’s why for all important contacts carefully choose a time of making a contact (if you can), because it is important.

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