Consultations – answering questions – Prashna

Consultations – answering questions – Prashna

A consultation with an astrologer can be a valuable source of information. In a contrast to a written communication; a verbal consultation, which is a two-way communication, can provide a lot more information that is not possible to get in an one-way communication. This is why it is highly recommended to use a chance and get the answer to the questions „from the first hand“, meaning directly from an astrologer. An astrology is a science which gives us answers. It is not a hidden secret, esoteric mystic or something similar to that. This is a simple fact which tells us that all answers are on the reach of a hand. A person who knows and is able to listen, will also be able to hear and accept the answer when it’s needed. Very often it happens that we pass by the solutions and answers to our questions without recognising the answer. It also very often happens that we ask questions in inadequate ways.

In that way we remain deprived of precious information which are the answers to what is needed to do in certain circumstances. Astrology is a science given to humans from the „higher“ realms. We can say that astrology is a „divine language“. The divine intelligence, which is beyond the understanding of a mind and intellect of human beings, is ruling the planetary positions and movements. Skilled astrologer can be utilized as a translator of this „divine language“ and convey messages that come from the levels which we can’t comprehend. This is why the role of astrologer is very responsible and every sincere astrologer is very much aware of their role which they accept very seriously. The same way as the skill of astrologer is determining the quality of an answer you will receive, a skill of a „questioner“ or a person who is asking a question can be a key factor in a consultation or in a process of getting the answer.

There is a saying that if we ask, we will get the answer. If we search we will find, and if we knock, the door will open.  These are all very important true sayings, stated in a very simple and acceptable language. We can conclude that all answers are in front of us, we just need to ask a question; at the right time, in the right place and to the right person. When a person is asking a question, they open a door to the solution and become capable to get the answer. This is a natural law that never fails. The answers can be received in many ways, and one of them has just been described; asking a question to the right person at the right time in the right place. The process of getting the answer has already started that way, and your are away? from your final result only by your ability to listen and accept information. An astrologer as a translator of a „divine language“ in this case serves only as a medium or a channel, through whom you get the fullfilment of your wish for an answer.

Words that a skilled astrologer will refer to you are of extreme importance for solving your question. Every sentence can be deep and full of hidden meaning. Very often that could be very simple facts, that you are probably aware of, but never to an extent necessary to resolve circumstances in an appropriate way. In your two-way communication with an astrolger, in your quest for an answer, in asking a question and desire to get a solution, you can get insights and lessons that could contain a seed of changing your life for better. This is why take your chance to consult with an astrologer who will help you to understand a „divine language“ of stars. Ask for an answer and you will receive it. This is a gift given to the whole humanity which should be used. Consultations are possible through a personal meeting with the astrologer, and also by phone, e-mail or Skype.

For all inquiries about consultations, please be free to contact your astrologer via e-mail or phone +385 99 3457910.

Your astrologer, Dean Valentic

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