Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope

Love horoscope includes analysis of planetary positions and other attributes of a natal chart that are specific for love and partnerships. From a natal chart, skilled astrologer can find out many details about partnerships and love of a person. Traditionally, many conclusions can be made about partnerhsips from the seventh house of a horoscope. Position of Venus also tells a lot about love, as Venus is known as planet of love, pleasures, and contentment; whereas position of Mars tells about person’s passion. Jyotish astrology has many techniques by which we can extend understanding about partnership and find out detailed information about marriage, love and a person’s partner. Here on this website it is not necessary to go into many technical details, but we can just indicate that by arudhas of seventh and twelfth house, we can see potential for creating deep and intimate relationship and other details about the relationship that person can achieve.

Futher on, from the Navamsha divisional chart we can find out a lot about the partner and their characteristics, and about keeping marriage going in general. From Saptamsha divisional chart we can make conclusions about children that come as an outcome of a partnership or a marriage. In this context, the analysis of partners’ compatibility (or comparative horoscope) is especially interesting, and it gives us the answers about mutual compatibility of partners. More about partners’ compatibility you can read here. In this way, by analysing all required details, love horoscope give us insight in overall potential of achieving love and marital relationships and person’s way of functioning within these relationships.

By understanding these insights, and with opening doors to understanding your own as well as partner’s potentials and abilities, we can certainly help and improve the quality of love, partnership/married life; and life in general. For love horoscope, the same information is required like for the general horoscope: date and time of birth (hour and minute), and place of birth.

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